Updated 15 December 2002

Hi and welcome to my web site. My name is Karnig Derderian and I am originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. I got my BSc in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hull under the supervision of Dr Len Bottaci. I am currently a first year PhD student in the Department of Information Systems & Computing at the University of Brunel.

I am working in the areas of software testing and meta heuristic algorithms like Genetic Algorithms. Supervised by Dr Rob Hierons and Dr Mark Harman I am currently working on Communicating Finite State Machine (CFSM) test data generation. I am also a member of the VASTT  (Verification and Analysis using Slicing, Testing and Transformation) and ATESST (Analysis, Testing, Slicing, Search and Transformation) research groups.



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My third year project for BSc in Computer Science

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